Global Warming about to cool Down?

With release of a news report stating that the earth is entering a cooling phase it seems to this radish that the confusion about global warming will only continue. Global warming is of course an immensely complex debate filled with internal inconsistencies, conflicting data and competing ideologies. To the average observer it is very hard to determine whether one is experiencing the normal fluctuations in the weather cycle or long term changes. For example it is quite easy to confuse Australia’s current drought with the issue of global warming. Whereas the drought is more likely to be consistent with the EL Nino and La Nina cycles. Are we experiencing rising temperatures or the coolest decade on record? Of course its not for this radish to say, but what I dislike is the conflation of the global warming debate with environmental issues in general. As a vegetable I have a pretty invested interest in caring for the earth and I’m not just referring to carbon credits. All the debate surrounding this issue has served to distract us from other important issues, including but not limited to pollution of our air, waterways and earth, the build up of toxins in the air, water and soil, acid rain, decimation of our forests, over fishing, species extinction, land clearing and depressingly the list goes on.

The radical radish wants to see an environmental discussion that considers the issues holistically and is not side lined by the carbon/energy/fuel crisis, which while an important component for ecological consideration is far from being the whole story.

While searching for informative links FYI I come across this gem of an article describing a bet between a British scientist and two Russian scientists who are ‘climate change skeptics’. It is ideas like this that keep this radish cynical:

He also suggests setting up a financial-style futures market to allow those with critical stakes in the outcome of climate change to gamble on predictions and hedge against future risk.

There’s a solution, turn it into a financial futures market just to guarantee that no matter what happens somebody will benefit. Bet that the world is going to warm up and now you have a vested interest in ensuring that it does, now there’s a way to motivate the world to change its environmentally destructive ways. But nobody asks me I’m just a wee radish living near a compost heap.

5 comments on “Global Warming about to cool Down?

  1. green4u says:

    Even if you believe that global warming is myth we are still doing serious damage to the Earth and should try to be more aware of what we are doing to the Earth. We need to change our ways.

  2. rayedish says:

    I don’t believe that global warming is a myth, I just feel that it has hijacked a lot of environmental debate. We do need to be aware of what we are doing to the Earth, the myriad of ways that we are damaging the planet, and we need to find ways to live sustainably as apposed to destructively.

  3. mick says:

    I want an apology from the heads of environmentalism before I listen to them ever again.

    I feel like I was lied to, gravely.

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