Happy Anniversary

Mother Nature is at it again. Heavy rains and flood warnings have been issued for this weekend, just in time for the anniversary of the June Long Weekend Floods of last year. From the local paper:

Raincoats and flood warnings have almost become routine for the June long weekend.

More than 52mm of rain fell on Maitland before 9am yesterday in a deluge that brought back worrying memories for property owners, particularly in low-lying areas neighbouring the Hunter River.

It did not ease during the day, and was expected to continue last night.

Totals for the past 24-hour period could eclipse this year’s wettest day on January 18, when 80.2mm fell.

More rain is forecast for today as the region commemorates the first anniversary of the June long weekend storm and flood that wreaked a damage bill in excess of $2 billion.

I was looking for some pictures of the floods but instead I give you this. Enjoy and have a peaceful and uneventful long weekend.

One comment on “Happy Anniversary

  1. heleport says:

    Hard to believe it’s been a year and what a year it’s been-

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