And the award for political scandal of the week goes to…

Well I’m not actually sure at this point who is going to win the award. I would have liked to conduct a poll but as I have neither the technical know-how nor the traffic to make it a practical reality, I will ask you to let me know your opinion in the comments sections. So here we have it, the nominees for the award for the ‘Political Scandal of the Week’ (ending June 15 2008 ) are…

  1. The human traffic accident that is the governmental power couple John Della Bosca (NSW MP) and Belinda Neal (Federal MP). John lost his license for speeding a few weeks ago was photographed on his bicycle telling a journalist to F*%K off. His wife was allegedly banned from her soccer team for kicking an opponent while down. But now they are in big trouble due to a ruckus at the NSW Central Coast nightspot ‘Iguana Joes’. ‘Iguanagate’ (I mean really can’t we come up with our own names for political scandals, do we have to put ‘gate’ on the end of every story involving a silly pollie?) has cost Mr Della Bosca his ministerial position and Ms Neal has been rebuked by her party and told that she must do a ‘Anger Management’ course. (Debate about whether or not the response to this story has been sexist or not can be found here). Our second nomination goes too…
  2. The Sex, Death and Rose scandal currently haunting the QLD state government. Now the story goes something like this (and it runs like the plot of a bad novel), apparently State MP Merrie Rose had an affair with the Premier Peter Beattie and was sentenced to 18 months gaol for attempting to blackmail him. Letters by a now deceased aid of hers, Ms Barbara Darrow allege that Ms Rose was having Ms Darrow involve herself in corrupt and illegal activites, covering up and destroying evidence of the affair. While it does not implicate Peter Beattie in illegal activities it may explain why Beattie gave up the Premiership last year. Details of the story can be found at Crikey. And our third and final (and my personal favourite) nomination goes to…
  3. The British public servants who keep leaving top secret documents on trains. Maybe I like this one because its just so British, or because it comes with the best quotes, but here’s the story from the BBC. In the same week that a senior official left intelligence about Terrorism on a train, details of a secret meeting of financial crime experts was found on the London bound Waterloo train. There is tension and confusion in London and files on train thing is turning their security into a joke

Our enemies don’t even need to hack into our computers, they apparently just need to travel on public transport

Keith Vaz, Home Affairs Select Committee chairman
So there we have it, nominations are now closed. Please give me your feedback as to whom the award should go to.

6 comments on “And the award for political scandal of the week goes to…

  1. Stevie says:

    I vote for the Top Secret Documents left on the train. I can imagine the poor “analyst” taking his work home and having a little kip, when all of a sudden he wakes just before his train stop and runs out. Imagine the look on the poor analyst’s face when he sets down for the evening to look at the files and then have that sudden realisation of oh “f@#$”. So, how do we tell our boss (MI5 or MI6) that we mislayed some serious top secret documents? I would loved to hear this persons’ excuse!

  2. tigtog says:

    They need separate awards.

    Della Bosca and Neal take out the Shadenfreudelicious award.

    Sex, Death and Rose gets the Storm in a Teacup award in terms of any dirt sticking on Beattie: yet again he’s Teflon Pete.

    The Top Secret Docs on Train gets the nod as the One That Will Be Remembered, having the most possible nasty repercussions.

  3. LuLi says:

    I like Iguanagate the best. Swearing at journalists while riding a bike, violence in football and anger management.. how could you not love Australian politicians? They’re just so.. real.

  4. rayedish says:

    Well so far I’ve tallied up the votes and although I do like Tigtog’s idea of giving each nominee their own special award, as each contender has their own charm, it is thus far a tie between ‘Iguanagate’ and the ‘Files on Trains’. Now my preference is for ‘Files on Trains’ The thing that gets me about this scandal is that it is not the first time that this has happened, it occurred several times. Really, what is going on over there? Are the public service guys trying to affect change in working conditions? If you have to take a Top Secret file you must get chauffeur driven to and from work? Or is a push for better technology, like why aren’t these top secret files in encrypted thumbdrives or something sexy like that? Or is something more sinister going on?

  5. Fi says:

    I’m for the first nomination, simply because, like Rayedish, I’m completely over tacking ‘-gate’ onto the end of every single controversy whose reporting lasts more than one night of television news! I was so gratified to hear someone else express their frustration with it.

    But I do very muchly like tigtog’s alternative award name: schadenfreudelicious. Super word.

  6. rayedish says:

    And the winner is….
    ‘Iguanagate’ because 10 days later the scandal goes on and the proverbial continues to hit the fan. The story today is that the Minister for Hawkesbury was thrown out of (State) Parliament for bringing in a toy iguana and producing it as Morris Iemma was being questioned about John Della Bosca.

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