Something fun!

I found this here

(Who said feminists don’t have a sense of humour ; )


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Let me know your score

13 comments on “Something fun!

  1. Oh my god. Even I’m shocked.

    I got… minus 5!! How did I get a minus score??!!!

  2. rayedish says:

    May I be so bold (and cheeky) as to suggest that its because you don’t have a husband! (One could go on and suggest that now we know why! 🙂 if one was going to judge by 1930’s standards, that is. Because women in this liberated new millennium don’t need husbands!

  3. LuLi says:

    This was so much fun! Unfortunately..


    As a 1930s wife, I am
    Very Poor (Failure)

    Oh well I tried.

  4. The Bog Logger says:

    Not fair. I answered the questions as though I had a ‘husband’, like cooking meals and being prepared to work to support him. It was all the questions about children,swearing and alcohol that screwed me. Apparently real ladies like children and abhor alcohol instead of the other way around. Fortunately I’m a real woman, no mere lady.

  5. rayedish says:

    Your right, I was being cheeky but I wasn’t playing fair.
    “Fortunately I’m a real woman, no mere lady.” That’s right, being a spunky real woman is heaps better than being a mere lady.
    Anyway, frankly I’m disappointed with my score. I would have rather scored spectacularly badly rather then just being average. I hate being average! (I think the fact that I don’t keep a (particularly)clean house went against me). Now I think I’m taking this quiz way too seriously if I’m going to be analysing my faults!

  6. Deborah says:

    24. Very poor – failure.

    Of which I am very proud.

  7. rayedish says:

    I think Bog Logger, LuLi and Deborah are all right to be proud of and embrace their “failure” I on the other hand…

  8. LuLi says:

    No Rayedish you’re probably just a caring and thoughful mother & wife, whereas the rest of us don’t really have much experience or are more selfish 😛

    Well me, anyway. I’m speaking on behalf of me.

  9. Okay, I went ahead and did the husband quiz – and got 83! Very Superior!

    I guess I’m more strong and courteous than demure and pliant.

  10. rayedish says:

    Ohh well done! Now I’m curious about the husband test…
    I made my mother take the test and she got 58 (average). I am a little taken back that our scores were so similar, maybe she has taught me everything I know. And to think that I had delusions of being liberated!

  11. I did that, and I think I got -14 or something.

    Am I made of awesome or what?

  12. rayedish says:

    You are indeed ‘made of awesome’ WendySkeleton! (and what a top phrase)

  13. heleport says:

    Hey, im a caring and thoughful mother & wife-out-of-law, why did i only get 7 and qualify as a failure 😉

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