I didn’t want to get all political on you

but now is the time for a you tube clip guide to the US election.  So we have:

A song for Sarah Palin

(from Looky Daddy)

Or some of the Tina Fey satire that has been making news.

(from Audrey and the Bad Apples). (Hey you like that? You can join the Tina Fey for VP facebook group.)

From Lavatus Prodeo, this kind of people vote for McCain

Or from Hoyden About Town: (and Tigtog who says the US election campaign is descending farther and farther into black farce)

Ok so this isn’t a balanced look at the election – I have a bit of an anti McCain camp slant, but even Rolling Stone mag is asking serious questions about McCain’s history, and Naomi Wolf is questioning his health. If you what some pro- McCain or even pro- Obama info, google is good and the internet is a big place.

5 comments on “I didn’t want to get all political on you

  1. LuLi says:

    Rayedish! You Rickrolled me! The Tina Fey one was a trap!

  2. rayedish says:

    Bwhahhaha! (my typed version of an evil laugh)
    Ok. This post has undergone adjustments and that clip is now what it purports to be.

  3. kasphar says:

    It’s interesting to note that in America, racism is a tool of the right and sexism is a tool of the left.

  4. LuLi says:

    Hey Rayedish, I know you may not see this for a while, but I nominated you for an award at my blog.

  5. Stevie says:

    It absolutely amazes me that superficiality is a universal concept. Here in Australia we may mock our brothers and sisters in the USA, but take a drive out to some areas in our Sunburnt Country and you’ll get similar responses on geopolitical views and local politics. Is ignorance contagious or is it a “God” given ‘man’date?
    Thank goodness ignorance did not prevail in the US elections; my condolences to the gay and lesbian communities in California. Congratulations America, you finally exercised democracy!

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