The next feminist blog carnival is on the way

Hoyden About Town have put out the call for Down Under Feminist Carnival submissions at Penguin Unearthed, who is hosting this month:

I’m particularly keen to have posts with a workplace focus, so all workplace submisions gratefully received.

But all feminists posts are welcome, and if you don’t have your own blog, don’t be shy, feel free to send me a post that I can put on my blog for you.

The submission form is here, but it’s down right now, so feel free to email me on penguinunearthed at gmail dot com instead. Submissions due by 31 October.

5 comments on “The next feminist blog carnival is on the way

  1. Fi says:

    Hey, I thought this article from the weekend’s ‘Age’ might interest you:

    Gabriella Coslovich looks at the hijab and the skimpy clothes chosen by western women and wonders which is more oppressive.

  2. Marcus says:

    interesting, treacherous
    … ‘To experience another way of being is to challenge one’s preconceptions about what is “normal” and “right” and “superior”.’Gabriella Coslovich, November 1, 2008: The Age

  3. oldtimer says:

    It’s not the fact that they wear the hijab, etc that’s the problem. Men have forced them to wear these garments so that they don’t present as ‘unprotected meat’ to the males. Women should be able to choose their own way to dress. With 13 year olds being stoned and used as suicide bombers, girls given poorer education options (none with the Taliban) and women unable to go out without an escort, sanctioning what women are forced to wear as ‘liberating’ is a little bizarre.

  4. rayedish says:

    Agreed, Oldtimer.

    Although it does depend on the context. In the countries where women are forced to where the burka and have every aspect of their lives controlled there is no liberation whatever they wear. However in more liberal Islamic countries I can see how choosing (‘choosing’ being the operative word) clothes that shield you from the male gaze can be construed as liberating.

  5. oldtimer says:

    If the basis of what a woman choses to wear is conditional on the “male gaze” then ‘liberating choice’ does not immediately spring to mind.
    On the other hand, wearing ‘shielding clothes’ may make a statement to men that says: ‘You are uncontrollable sex maniacs and I am going to make sure that you don’t use me to fulfil your sick little fantasies’. Now that’s empowering.

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