The glass ceiling seems to be being nailed back into place

Found this story here.

Individual pay deals bad for women, inquiry told

Inquiry told women losing out under individual pay negotiations

A federal inquiry into pay rates has heard there is a widening gap in earnings for men and women who individually bargain over pay and job conditions.

Josh Healy, from the National Intitute of Labor Studies at Flinders University in Adelaide, says men in hospitality, retail, business and property services get better salaries than women in those fields.

He told the Federal Government’s Employment Committee the findings are based on a report for the Fair Pay Commission.

Mr Healy says women are better off under collective agreements.

“Women are, in fact, losing ground to men,” he said.

“I mean to the extent that we’re interested in achieving pay equity this is obviously a disappointing trend.

“All of the deterioration that’s occurred in the gap between men and women has actually been taking place in the individual agreement sector.”

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It’s (Down Under Feminists) Carnival time

and it is being hosted by Penguin Unearthed and this month it has a workplace focus.

Also I was totally slack and missed the last one which was hosted by HellOnHairyLegs.  Sorry about that.  Stuff happened and months went past and I didn’t blog for a little while.  (Between you and me it is quite likely that other times will come when I again won’t blog for a little while.  The thesis is due to submitted next semester and as there this a lot to be done between now and then there will be times when I have to turn my back on this blog for intervals).

In the mean time let us bask in the hope of Obama’s victory and have the audacity to dream of a better future.  In the spirit of the happy election result I will save my critique of American educational reform for another day.

Words fail me

So I will just cut and paste this horrific story which I found here.

13yo ‘adulterer’ stoned to death: Amnesty

The human rights group Amnesty International says a girl stoned to death in southern Somalia earlier this week was only 13 years old.

Amnesty says the girl was convicted of adultery after complaining that three men had raped her.

She was buried up to her neck and stoned to death in a crowded stadium in the Somali city of Kismayo.

There is so much horror here.  That the death penalty exists, that the girl was only 13, and still deemed eligible for the death penalty.  That it was death by stoning.  That was publicly done – in a stadium.  That her crime was complaining that she was raped.

She was publicly murdered by a judicial system that betrayed her and exonerated her rapists.