Words fail me

So I will just cut and paste this horrific story which I found here.

13yo ‘adulterer’ stoned to death: Amnesty

The human rights group Amnesty International says a girl stoned to death in southern Somalia earlier this week was only 13 years old.

Amnesty says the girl was convicted of adultery after complaining that three men had raped her.

She was buried up to her neck and stoned to death in a crowded stadium in the Somali city of Kismayo.

There is so much horror here.  That the death penalty exists, that the girl was only 13, and still deemed eligible for the death penalty.  That it was death by stoning.  That was publicly done – in a stadium.  That her crime was complaining that she was raped.

She was publicly murdered by a judicial system that betrayed her and exonerated her rapists.


2 comments on “Words fail me

  1. LuLi says:

    Oh my god!! That is so horrible, Rayedish.. Stoning is one of the most disgusting practices for corporal punishment which is disgusting in itself. This makes me so sad.

  2. rayedish says:

    It makes me so sad too LuLi. I found the story so saddening that I felt that there was not much else that I could say about it.

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