What a week

So much to blog about, yet I have so little energy!  I’ll start with a little of what’s been in the news.  Is it just me or is there a lot of weird and scary bleak stuff going on at the moment?

I read that in Tanzania Albinos are being killed for their supposed magic powers, and while the government is trying to crack down on the practice, 30 albino people (including one baby) have been killed since March.

In PNG in it has been revealed that, in a story that sounds oddly Biblical to me, mothers were killing their baby sons in order to put an end to a long running tribal war.

A BBC story about the Mumbai attacks asks whether this was a case of ‘celebrity terrorism’, akin to the Columbine and Virginia Tech massacres of 1999 and 2007.

Did you know that the world’s oldest nuclear family were found to have been murdered?  Or at the very least they met a violent death.

In other news, the BBC also ran a story claiming that in the wake of the current economic crisis more Britons are having sex, it now being the preferred free pastime – more popular than window shopping and gossiping with friends. I don’t know about the credibility of this story, it seemed to be just a another piece aimed at reminding everyone that they should be having safe sex.

4 comments on “What a week

  1. Luli says:

    My dad and sister are in India at the moment, so its all pretty scary. Luckily they are in Delhi, not Mumbai and apparently that means they are almost completely safe.

  2. rayedish says:

    That is pretty worrying for you. You must have had a terrible time as the story broke, and are you still without a computer? I bet that that hasn’t helped!

  3. Luli says:

    Yeah, its pretty far away from the action though so thats ok. I’m still latop-less but the rest of my family keep a hawk eye on news and emails from over there, so thats alright.

  4. blue milk says:

    You did indeed find an apocalyptic group of happenings.

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