Wishes (Or, my fantasy Christmas List)

Got this idea from This Devil’s Workday (and you can also check out LuLi’s and WendySkeleton’s wish lists).

There are a few premises behind this wish list. Firstly, money is no problem (imagine your family were all trillionaires – what would you be asking for Christmas?). Secondly, take it as given that ideological goals have been met, ie world peace has been achieved, etc, etc. Thirdly, my wishes are not very extensive so I have incorporated the wishes of my husband and kids (Miss Five and Master Two), just to give you more pictures to look at. Ok, suspend reality for a minute and we shall begin.

1.First wish would be an all expenses paid family holiday to Europe around the world, starting in Europe with a visit to my husband’s family in Croatia.  The trip would include Ireland, Africa and South America, places that I have a deep desire to visit. (Then I could bold some more stuff on the meme that I did yesterday!)

2. A little motorbike for zipping to work and out for coffee and freedom time to use it!

Honda Cub 90

Honda Cub 90

3. A house elf to keep the house tidy and cook dinner occasionally. (Mostly I don’t mind cooking, but there are just some days when it would be very handy to have the house elf do it!)

3. The Man about the House’s first wish – A breathtakingly beautiful motorbike such as:


Ducati Desmosedici

4. His second wish -A decent acoustic guitar

5.The Little Miss’ Wish –  to be a Care Bear (What can I say – five year olds have strange desires).

Daughter : “Mama I want to be a Care Bear”.  Mama:Well..just use your imagination. You can be anything you want to be”.  Daughter: “I don’t want to be an imaginary Care Bear, I want to be a REAL Care Bear”.

Anyhow, this is a fantasy wish list, so here you go.

6. Her Second Wish – Rollerblades

Admittedly this is a more realistic wish than being a Care Bear, but as I’ve already taken Miss Five to hospital once this year (when she split her head open) Santa has decided to hold off on this gift until she is a little older and more co-ordinated.

7. As kids cannot be pillioned until they are eight years old, toddlerboy’s greatest wish will have to be interpreted thus:

If you could have anything you wanted, what would you wish for?

4 comments on “Wishes (Or, my fantasy Christmas List)

  1. This Devil's Workday says:

    Lots of bikes! I love it. My site is open again.

  2. Ducati Desmosedici? That’s a very expensive bike. But great performance regardless.

    I wouldn’t mind those smaller scooters you have there. I just don’t like those modernised scooters. They’re so fugly.

  3. LuLi says:

    I loved care bears too! I’ve had a tender heart bear since I was a baby and was pretty obsessed with the episodes. Has she seen the movie length one with the princess in it? She would love it, I watched it over and over. Once she sees that she’ll stop wanting to be a bear and want to be the princess!

  4. rayedish says:

    TDW – This list does contain a lot of bikes doesn’t? Well petrol prices being what they were it seems sensible. And technically toddlerboy’s wish is the sidecar and not the bike. I’ve linked to your post now so people can see where I got my inspiration from.

    WS Yes the Ducati is rather pricey but this is a fantasy wish list. The reality check bike would be something more sensible like a Honda VFR800. And I have to agree with you about modern scooters they are just not pretty.

    LuLi – As a matter of fact she has seen the princess one (a few times), but currently she is watching some of the new episodes on DVD. She goes on runs of things and watches them over and over. She enjoys dressing up as a princess but she’d still rather BE a carebear (I think that she wants to be able to do a “carebear stare”!)

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