Captain! I’m detecting spoiler activity off the port bow!!

Star trekkin’ across the blogiverse

So I went and saw Star trek last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Spoiler warning! [OMG! OMG! I don’t want to read the spoilersclick here, be distracted by cute cat picture]

Firstly, let me preface this by saying that I enjoyed this movie so much that I’m seriously thinking about seeing it again at the movies. Something that I’ve never done before, ever.

I loved the way that they incorporated stuff from the existing Star Trek universe and original series (for example, Captain Pike was the name of the original Captain in the first pilot episode, and the original series included the green woman) and all the characters stayed roughly true to Gene Roddenberry’s vision (and Gene got posthumous character writing credits) but through the use of a niffy story line involving time travel, the events weren’t constrained by the existing Star Trek time line.  Nice (and, I’m inclined to think, frees the franchise up for future movies).  So bearing in mind that I loved it, I’ve got a bit of a beef about it.

(MOTH* gets frustrated at me, can’t I just enjoy things without having a feminist rant.  I don’t think this particular rant is all that feminist.  As a human being, and movie/TV show viewer this is something I’m getting sick of).

Why, why, why, do writers feel that the ultimate of emotional hooks to hang your drama off is  the pregnant wife?  Over used plot device much, but particularly in this movie.  One pregnant/birthing mother who is the motivation for Kirk’s father to sacrifice himself is not enough.  No the baddie of the piece had his own pregnant wife whose death provides the motivation for his evil twisted plans of death and destruction.  So movie watchers are not expected to believe that the chance to save 800 people in 12 minutes would be enough of a sacrifice for Kirk senior?  Or the destruction of his entire home planet is not enough motivation for Nero?  No images of pregnant women have to been incorporated for bonus extra emotional impact.  Well movie writers I’ve had enough.  I’m tired of it.  Be original will you.  Be clever and offer something different.

Maybe I’m just bitter cos the opening sequence had me tearing (as in water in my eyes, not ripping my ticket) up even though as I’m watching it, I’m thinking “this is complete bullshit! –  if all that chaos was happening around you while you are in labour, your labour would probably cease as your elevated stress levels would dampen the hormonal signals that control the process”.  They do that so often in movies, incorporate a completely implausible birth scenario just so some bloke can be the hero.  Tired of it!

Bonus points for those that can list in the comments other movies or TV shows that include a ridiculous birthing.

*MOTH – Man of the House.

5 comments on “Captain! I’m detecting spoiler activity off the port bow!!

  1. Stevie says:

    Well the Star Trek franchise has been guilty of this before. Didn’t the end of Voyager finish with B’Lana giving birth while being chased by the Borg while entering Federation space? (I have just realised what I have written and have come to the realisation that I have some geek in me *slaps himself on the forehead*)

  2. rayedish says:

    Stevie, bonus points for you and some advice. Just embrace your geekiness, after all, “Resistance is futile”.

  3. Star Trek says:

    I went to see Star Trek 11 on Tuesday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had heard it was a lot of fun, and I quickly found myself agreeing with the sentiment during the early scene of the bar fight with a young James T. Kirk. Smack!

  4. Cath says:

    So one of Nat’s first comments as we leave the cinema was ‘and I really liked the way they’ve left it open for more sequels’… love that youse guys are all obsessed with Star Trek
    (as we settle down to watch an episode of DS9 with a glass of red wine!)

  5. Val says:

    I like the new movie, too but something about it dissatisfied; it nagged at me like a loose tooth, until I read Violet’s comment => that in ST’09, all the female commanders/diplomats/doctors/etc had been eliminated, while Uhura’s sole function seemed to be as a sexual prop for young Spock:
    [spoken much more eloquently than me]

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