For this guy, I’ll make an exception

I don’t generally think that footballers (particularly those of the NRL variety) make good role models. But standing up for yourself and for your family, against systemic racism and against one of the League’s most charismatic personalities – well I rate that.

I suspect – as we have seen before when high profile people get named (such as his brother, who could forget that episode?) – that Andrew Johns will be a symbolic scapegoat for systemic attitudes that he alone is not responsible for. So he’ll be scrapped from his job, hidden out from the public eye (or maybe not), and later, months down the track when people forget exactly what he said he’ll reappear (like his brother and that god awful show) unchanged, and unrepentant.

But in the meantime, let’s not forget that Timana Tahu, stood up, and walked away from, the racist bullying tactics of not his enemies, but his friends.

One thing that irks me though, is that the NRL hierarchy seems to find it easy to disavow racism and make it clear that its not acceptable. If only they could be that intolerant (heck I’d settle for even recognition) of sexism and misogyny.

2 comments on “For this guy, I’ll make an exception

  1. blue milk says:

    I really liked this post – I tweeted it in fact. Yay for a genuine role model in sports.

    • rayedish says:

      Thanks for letting me know that you liked it blue milk. I figured that I’d give credit where credit is due and focus on someone’s who has taken a stand, rather than focus on the dingbat in the story. Everyone who is whinging that Timana should have just put up with it, have probably failed to consider how long he had been putting up with this sort of casual racism. Friendly fire is the hardest to take a stand against and I think that he has done something pretty awesome.

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