You may have noticed my absence

but then again, you may not be one of my 5 followers, so it may have escaped your attention. Either way as I am a mere weeks away from submitting my PhD thesis this picture just about sums up my reoccurring nightmare.
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Its just fortunate that I don’t own a cat.


‘What ever happened to..?’ Edition

The girl from Tasmania recently attacked by a shark?

Hannah Mighall is recovering very nicely thank you.  She is defending her attacker and asks that the shark not be killed.

“I don’t want them to kill the shark, I want the shark to live,” she said.

“I was in its territory so it’s not really it’s fault and it didn’t really kill me or anything. I still wouldn’t want  Birit killed though.”

This girl is awesome.  She surfs and her lifesaving skills (and some help from her cousin) probably saved her life.  Her attitude to this ordeal is admirable and to top it off she is only 13.  Who said girls can’t do anything?

The man who threw his shoes at Bush?

Muntadar al-Zaidi is seeking asylum in Switzerland.

John Howard?

Well after annoying the American people and inconveniencing the President elect he got his sycophantic heart’s desire and wild rumour and speculation (comment 39 in the link) place him in a ranch next door to (soon – counting down the hours – to be ex) President Bush’s place.

The missing reasons for women being induced?

Concerns have been raised about pregnant women being induced “unnecessarily”, after a Scottish audit of 17,000 births.  In more than a quarter of cases, researchers could not find a medical or other explanation for the procedure.

I’ve got a theory about the missing 28% and it goes something like this:

Doctor: “Look I’m going to be away on the weekend when you are due, and I know that you what me to deliver your baby, so how about I schedule you in for an induction on Thursday?”

This blog?

Well you may have noticed that my blogging has been a little light on non-existent of late and I apologise for that.  Christmas and New Year festivities have kept me from this blog, but as I am sure that most of you have been in the same position its probably ok.  My blogging is going to continue to be sporadic at best over the next six months as the thesis has deadlines looming.  Now that I have systematically tested out most forms of procastination known to humankind it is well and truly time to get my head down and finish the thing.  In the meantime, I’ll be around reading and commenting on my fav blogs and looking forward to when I’ll be all done. So Happy New Year everyone and I hope that you all achieve your goals this year.