Techutopian quote of the day

BBC reports this story about the origins of the Internet and the vision for the future. According to one of the Web’s developers, its only the begining.

Sir Tim predicted that the web’s ability to engender collaboration could one day see the web being used to help manage the planet.

“What’s exciting is that people are building new social systems, new systems of review, new systems of governance.

“My hope is that those will produce… new ways of working together effectively and fairly which we can use globally to manage ourselves as a planet.”

Ahh the technological utopian dream. There is nothing wrong with the beautiful dream of a better life through technology, but this humble radish thinks that technology has helped to create a few of the problems on the great big blue marble we share (global warming anyone?) and technology is not going to be the panacea for all our stuff ups.

Update:  Of course I’m not saying that the internet is all bad, I luv the ‘net (hence this blog), but you know it has its problems